--It is not enough to put sugar in coffee. For the sweetness to come through, you must stir it. So too, it is not enough that you know Vedanta. Contemplation on the TRUTH therein brings out its sweetness. Then drink it, means, PRACTICE it.
--Anger is nothing but an attachment for an object when expressed towards an obstacle between ourselves and the object of our attachment.
--Do not live in sentiments. Live in true intelligence. Do not yield to unhealthy attachments, low thoughts, and vulgar motives. Be bold in your faith in Him. Be bold! Be bold!
--The one in love expands to function from two points - from oneself and from one's own beloved.
--Sound is a basic disturbance. When it does not convey any meaning it is noise. When it conveys a meaning, it is word. And words arranged in proper syntax and conveying a fullness of thought become a sentence, in prose. The same idea expressed in metrical composition becomes poetry. Poetry soaked in emotion and cadence its own harmony and rhythm becomes music.
--When money pours in through the doors, wisdom flies out of the window.
--Heart is the only broken instrument that still works.