Inaugurated in 1992 by Param Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayanandaji. On November 1992, Pujya Gurudev was present at the sanctification of Lord Kedar. Lord Kedar is an unusual representation of Lord Shiva. Lord Kedar represents a moment when Lord Shiva, having just risen from a spell of meditation, has had his bath. Glowing with the radiance of the Truth, He is joyfully, yet peacefully, blessing the Rishis and Gods who have assembled to witness His Glory.

Bala Krishna (Divine Child Krishna) has come to Kedar now. This is the idol installed at the right side of Lord Kedareshwara. Bala-Krishna is often depicted as a small child crawling on his hands and knees or dancing with a piece of butter in his hand. This beautiful small idol of Bala Krishna with a naughty smile at his face gives happiness to all the visitors. It is a coincidence that our Gurudev’s purvashram name was also Balakrishna.

Through worship, we are able to give concrete expression to our love for the Lord or Guru. Regular practice of pooja further strengthens our devotion and purifies our hearts. Such worship is a great Sadhana and leads us to the highest knowledge. Our Guru is God for us. He is our protector and constant guide. Worshipping him takes us to greater heights of spiritual perfection. To go with many occasions, the puja (ritualistic worship) of his sandals is an expression of our devotion to the Truth that he symbolized. A Guru stands on his sandals (padukas) and also he stands on the strength of his wisdom. So traditionally the worship of guru-paduka has been an adoration of spiritual wisdom.