Hari Om!

By Poojya Gurudev Swami Chinmayanandaji and Guruji Swami Tejomayanandaji’s blessings, the Bala Vihar program at Chinmaya Kedar is blossoming. It has in fact expanded significantly in the past 5 years under the guidance of Swami Siddhanandaji and Swami Shantanandaji and includes approximately 150 children spread across grades kindergarten thru’ 12.

As a consequence, space constraints have become a major obstacle to the normal functioning of Kedar, most especially during Bala Vihar classes on Sundays. We need separate classrooms for each grade and additional parking space that can accommodate as many as 100 vehicles at a time. We also need a larger prayer hall for scheduled poojas and religious discourses, and ideally our own auditorium as well for various religious festivals and cultural programs.

After exploring several options over the last two years, we acquired a church in Lower Makefield Township. This property addresses all our current and future needs, and by Pujya Gurudev’s blessings and your generous donations in 2012, we were able to buy this property outright for cash. That said, the property which is aptly named “MADHUVANAM” is in a state of disrepair and needs significant renovation.

An earlier generation of selfless Bala Vihar volunteers made Kedar an enduring reality for all of us. Now, as the Kedar family continues to expand, it is our responsibility to take the institution forward so that it continues to guide us, elders and children alike, in our spiritual and social pursuits.

Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayanandaji inaugurated Chinmaya Kedar center on November 30, 1992. Our center offers Bala Vihar, Study Group, Devi Group, Language classes, Rudrabhishekam, discourses on the Upanishads and other Hindu scriptures, Yoga, Swaranjali music, talks by visiting Swamis, and Vishnu Sahasranama chanting. All major Hindu festivals are celebrated annually in a traditional manner, and Kedar’s anniversary, Kedar Utsav, is observed with grand flair.

This new ashram be a homage to Poojya Gurudev, the great master in his birth centenary. Donations are exempt.